New Metro in Los Angeles has the Power to Transform Lives

New metro train service between Santa Monica and downtown L.A. started after decades of wait on May 20, 2017. It was a momentous occasion for those who waited patiently for this mass transit system to take a concrete shape. Steve Hymon, the famous blogger, said jokingly that he thought that chances of apes taking over the planet were higher than this metro train.

The Expo Line, as it is being referred to, covers a total distance of 15.1 miles in 50 minutes. This is a big respite for the local people who have had to struggle to cover the distance in several hours in rush hours. And considering you are being charged only $1.75 for each side, it is all the more good news for the commuters who had to spend lot more on gasoline until now.

This new metro line is actually an extension of the earlier Expo Line that ran up to Culver City which was only halfway of the beach city. Commuters can now say goodbye to their own as well as rental cars thereby saving a lot of their time and money. What is more, there will be much less traffic on road as a vast majority will take to this new metro train to reach downtown L.A.

For those who are interested in real estate, the starting of the Expo Line is a moment they should not ignore. This is because there are significant real estate investment opportunities on both sides along the route from Santa Monica station to downtown Los Angeles. This route is going to be full of tourists because of so many places of tourist attraction situate on both the sides. Some of the places that need special mention here are Natural History Museum, Staples Center, University of Southern California, Sawtelle, Japantown, the Santa Monica Pier, and of course the stunningly beautiful beach at Santa Monica.

If you are a tourist or even a local, all you have to do is to take a very short bus ride after getting down at a metro station to reach one of tourist destinations of your liking.

You just need to invest your money in the stocks of a real estate acquisition company operating in the area to take full advantage of your investment. It is like investing in real estate on your own. The Expo Line of the new metro rail is going to completely change the city that is known for its car culture.

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