Look For The Features Of The Studio Apartments Near USC

June 10, 2019

Look For The Features Of The Studio Apartments Near USC

If you want to invest in a studio apartment near a university campus which is supposedly the most popular type of accommodation amongst students, you will first need to know the difference between one bedroom and studio apartments. This will make your investment worthy and more yielding. Typically, a single bedroom apartment will come with the most basic features such as a single bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a living area. It may also have a storage space, a balcony, fireplace and a yard though these are not mandatory.

A studio apartment

The studio apartments near USC on the other hand will consist on only a single but very large room. It will have a kitchen and a bathroom as additional features only. Overlooking the bathroom, these are typically a single room unit that is self-contained but will have each area carefully and categorically designated for different purposes and use. Each of these areas are usually separated by a pillar or a half walls to make it clearly visible.

Both are high yielding

Whether you invest in studios apartments or in standard apartments USC Los Angeles, if it is near the campus it will surely be high yielding. This is because these places will not remain vacant for not if not ever. There are two reasons for this. One, if a student rents your property it will be occupied for at least a two year period. Two, when the student leaves after graduation, others will be knocking at your door to fill up the void.  

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