2028 Olympic Game in LA: a Great Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

It is no more a news that Los Angeles has been approved to host the 2028 Olympic competition by International Olympic organizers. According to the letter received by PETA, over 6.5 million Olympic fans and participants will move to LA come 2018. This is a huge development the city has been longing for. As a real estate acquisition company in Los Angeles, we have taken this time to orientate investors on the great opportunity ahead of them.

According to Wikipedia, “The Olympic Games are considered the world’s foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating”. While the residents of LA are busy rejoicing for the great achievement so far, investors are back to the drawing table analyzing how they can seize the opportunity from afar.

Yes, it is too early to start discussing 2028 (11 years ahead) but this is not so for investors. The question that should come to the mind of every investor is where the millions of fans trooping into LA in 2028 lodge for the period of the competition?

From the recent experience and happenings in Olympic Games, travelers from all over the globe will start to arrive months before the event in order to secure a closer, and of course, better place of resid

ence. Hence, Hubilu Venture Corp. real estate advisors is calling on potential investors to make hay when the grass is still green.

Needless to say, the prices of commodities will be increased astronomically during this period of Olympic as individual businesses and investments will go with a view to making maximum profits from the event. Who knows when next the event will be coming to Los Angeles? This is exactly the same with housing. With the expected population, you will be sure that even the facilities in LA may not be enough to accommodate them.

As a real estate investor, why don’t you seek this opportunity? You can now start to acquire properties before the price start to increase. These properties can be leased or sold with an awesome profit during the coming period of Olympic. Furthermore, the value of this property will continue to appreciate, meaning a more value for your property.

However, there are certain factors you should know/consider before investing in LA ahead of the forthcoming Olympic competition. According to a survey conducted, 30% of the respondents reported that they would be more likely to invest in real estate if they had access to a real estate investment professional for guidance. Sequel to this, we call on potential investors for a personal discussion, guidance as well as directions on which way to go.

According to the research conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, “96% of people who have invested in real estate believe their decision helped them achieve financial success”. Tap into this great opportunity. More importantly; the earlier, the better!

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