What to choose: Studios for Rent Near USC or 1 Bedroom apartment near USC?

April 25, 2022

What to choose: Studios for Rent Near USC or 1 Bedroom apartment near USC?

Undoubtedly, if you are a single occupant looking for feasible options, it is one of the common questions that come to your mind. You are a working individual and are not ready at all to share the living space with another one, so you need a single occupant housing apartment. But your real estate consultant has given you two options. Either you can choose Studios for Rent Near USC or rent out any single bedroom apartments. So, if you are confused about this, let's explore certain considerations.

Take note of basic details

Are you clear about both concepts? You might not know these basic concepts. So, if you take a single bedroom Apartments USC Los Angeles, you have a separate kitchen space, bathroom, and bedroom. But, when you think of a studio, it is a larger, confined space. There will be no separate area for the bedroom. It is not closed off by any wall. So, the kitchenette area is attached and open. Bathrooms are only separated.

  Studio vs. 1 bedroom

In order to know the differences, first look at the unit plans. Generally, in LA, studio apartments will have a large single room. But, in 1-bedroom apartments all, you can expect a bedroom, hall, kitchen. The size of the studio ranges from 600 square feet. But it is obvious that the 1-bedroom apartment will look smaller. You can arrange the storage space in the studio apartment on your own. You have to be creative a little. But, for 1 bedroom you have the option of the number room. Due to additional amenities included in 1-bedroom apartments, it is generally pricier than a studio.

Well, you have seen some basic differences. Now, choose the right according to your need or take professional guidance.

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