Why Is The University Of Southern California One Of The Best Educational Institutions

February 13, 2020

Why Is The University Of Southern California One Of The Best Educational Institutions

Thousands of students say that they made the best choice when they decided to kick-start their career by studying at the University of Southern California. It is one of the best places where students get to realize how to put their best foot forward. Like almost every other college, USC offers dormitories to students. However, the best part is that pupils can also explore other options regarding affordable housing near USC.

Worldwide Reach

There aren’t many universities in America that boast of having an office in Hong Kong while offering classes at the Sorbonne University in Paris. USC has all of them and more. It caters to students through study-abroad programs in over thirty different nations. One opportunity provided by USC that makes it better than every other university is the chance to live and study in three continents while earning degrees from three universities. All of it is possible within four years.


Indeed, few other universities have more connections than USC. A few global business giants including JP Morgan, ESPN, Google, and Fox News reach out to USC every year to offer internship programs and post-graduate careers to its students. Furthermore, the professors working here are exceptionally student-centric. They are always willing to help students secure those internship opportunities.

Special Students

Even the students who study here are brilliant, to say the least. Subjects to take up at USC include communications, business major, chemical engineering and more. Regardless of the discipline followed by a student, there is one thing that all have in common. It is a diligent understanding of ambition. Only students with big dreams and entrepreneurial ideas study at USC while staying in off-campus USC student accommodation facilities.


The international community of USC is also worth noting. You will be working with students from Malaysia, Cameroon, Australia, Milan, Sri Lanka, South America, and almost everywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to discuss all the perks of studying at USC, but you can be sure that the list doesn’t end here.

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