Student Housing Investment Opportunities

Since its founding in 2015, Hubilu Venture Corporation has made a name for itself by sniffing out the hottest real estate investment opportunities, ultimately becoming the premier real estate acquisition company in Southern California. That is why we are so dedicated to providing USC student housing investment opportunities. Among the best decisions any investor could make, this investment niche offers significant potential equity appreciation and cash flow with minimal risk.

Why Student Housing Is Such A Sound Investment Option

  • Incredible Demand:

    Student housing is a growing market. Actually, it might be more accurate to say it’s exploding. Every year, hundreds more students venture off to colleges like USC, and they all have to live somewhere.

  • Recession-Proof:

    While nothing is ever a sure thing in investment, student accommodations are unique because they provide an incredibly low risk for a very high potential gain.

  • Higher Yields:

    Student housing pays better than most other real estate investments, thanks to the fact that they are an HMO Investment.

  • Hands-Free Management:

    Custom-built student accommodations come with property management either from the university or a building administrator.

What Our Team Does

Our team uses their 125 years of combined experience working in the Los Angeles and California real estate markets in fields like student housing investment, property management, investment banking, and organic marketing in order to provide our investors all the tools they need to find the smartest investments.

Our team of experts is the best at identifying and acquiring student housing and creating additional niche investment and development opportunities inside those communities. We spend countless hours researching and analyzing the risks and searching for investments.

Hubilu Venture Corporation Offers All the Hottest Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Hubilu Venture Corp specializes in the most cutting edge investment opportunities L.A. has to offer. From student housing to development opportunities along the L.A. Metro/Subway line, we have our ear to the ground for the next hot investment.